1. ilham_stereo
    What do you want to be known for? What the first thing you want to have pop in their heads when they hear your name? #PersonalBranding
  2. ilham_stereo
    Let me share The Five Universal Objectives of #PersonalBranding for everyone who wants to grow their personal brand.
  3. ilham_stereo
    1. Discover your passion, passion is fundamental to achieving your goals. #PersonalBranding
  4. ilham_stereo
    Some are passionate about their work, others passionate about their hobbies
    & still others haven’t found their passion #PersonalBranding
  5. ilham_stereo
    The third category (no passion) are dead inside, whether they know it or not. #PersonalBranding
  6. ilham_stereo
    You need at least one passion in your life, it can be something you’re known for or something you do in private. #PersonalBranding
  7. ilham_stereo
    The great thing about sharing your passion is that you can get to know people who share your interest & create relations #PersonalBranding
  8. ilham_stereo
    2. Be bold, it’s okay to talk about yourself. #PersonalBranding
  9. ilham_stereo
    Our parents&teachers told us that talking about ourselves is bragging,but telling your accomplishments is different thing #PersonalBranding
  10. ilham_stereo
    The problem is that we associate self-promotion with bragging. Example: “This will happen if I brag about what I do”. #PersonalBranding
  11. ilham_stereo
    Self-promotion is just letting people know what’s going on in your lives,keeping people apprised of your accomplishments. #PersonalBranding
  12. ilham_stereo
    The biggest difference between self-promotion & bragging is the motivation behind why you’re telling people. #PersonalBranding
  13. ilham_stereo
    If it’s something you’re proud of,something you’re excited to tell people because you just got to,that’s self promotion. #PersonalBranding
  14. ilham_stereo
    If you announce something so other people will be envious,jealous,or just think you’re cool, that’s bragging. #PersonalBranding
  15. ilham_stereo
    Creating your online personal brand means showing your personality. If you’re interested in some things, share them. #PersonalBranding
  16. ilham_stereo
    The important thing is to realize that people are interested in what you have to say & it’s perfectly all right to say it #PersonalBranding
  17. ilham_stereo
    3. Tell Your Story. Your story is what makes you special. #PersonalBranding
  18. ilham_stereo
    Believe it or not,the best way to build your personal brand is to talk more about other people,events&ideas than yourself #PersonalBranding
  19. ilham_stereo
    That’s because if you talk about other people and promote their victories and their ideas,you become an influencer. #PersonalBranding
  20. ilham_stereo
    You’re seen as someone helpful & also a valuable resource.That helps your brand more than just talk about yourself. #PersonalBranding
  21. ilham_stereo
    Rather than wearing a sign that says:”I love to eat”,you could write a blog about it or even make your own food. #PersonalBranding
  22. ilham_stereo
    By blogging or sharing your favorite topic,you tell the world your story,without annoying by saying it over&over again #PersonalBranding
  23. ilham_stereo
    4. Create Relationships, it lead to opportunities. #PersonalBranding
  24. ilham_stereo
    Whether you’re online or out in the real world, treat every person you meet as possible future resource. #PersonalBranding
  25. ilham_stereo
    Faith-based networking: you will meet the right person at the right time for the right opportunity.
  26. ilham_stereo
    You need to treat each of these new relationships with care. Nurture them,help them grow,and tell people your story. #PersonalBranding
  27. ilham_stereo
    This is where social media comes in handy. It lets you stay in touch w/ people in between the times you meet face2face. #PersonalBranding
  28. ilham_stereo
    It lets you learn about the details of others,so when you get together,you get to spend more time talking deeper issues. #PersonalBranding
  29. ilham_stereo
    Those moments where you do know each other better are where those opportunities are going to come from. #PersonalBranding
  30. ilham_stereo
    5. Last but no least: Take action, even a small step is a step forward. #PersonalBranding
  31. ilham_stereo
    If you want to someone notable or be considered an authority in your field, you have to start somewhere. #PersonalBranding
  32. ilham_stereo
    Although you’re not going famous with a single blog post or a single YouTube video,you can’t start without your first one #PersonalBranding
  33. ilham_stereo
    It’s matter of writing post after post,video after video.It’s publishing those 999 posts that makes the 1000th effective #PersonalBranding
  34. ilham_stereo
    Ask people who found success in what they do. All of them will tell you that they work harder than anyone else. #PersonalBranding
  35. ilham_stereo
    I think that’s all I can share about Five Universal Objectives of #PersonalBranding . Hope it will help those who read it. 🙂